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Motion Graphic Work

The following selection of motion graphics range from animated icons to larger illustrations. All are completed using a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.

Motion graphics are used in websites, video marketing content, e-Learning , social media and branding. They can engage the audience, simplify a message, inform  and entertain, or prompt a call to action.

Smart lighting capabilities

Animated icons - can convey information while catching attention.

Animated icon
Animated icon
Animated icon
Animated icon
Animated icon
Looping gifs
Fruit bat
Bouncing Roo
Penguin parade
Dangling carrot
3 Tiger Premierships
2021 AFL GF countdown
AFL Western Bulldogs
AFL Melbourne FC 2021 Premiers

Animated gifs - offer fun, eye-catching ideas or messages.

Christie public barbecues

Animated digital illustration - used at trade fairs and online promotion.

Film - Voyage of the Southern Sun​​

Animated maps illustrating the flight path Michael Smith (Australian Geographic Adventurer of the year - 2016), when he embarked on his solo circumnavigation of the globe in his tiny amphibious flying boat. 

Christie public barbecues

Info video on cleaning a cooktop - I edited video, created and animated icons and edited voiceover.

Environmental message (Portfolio example)

Created in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe Character Animator and After Effects

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